34 grain rescue tubes awarded in 2019

In the sixth year of Nationwide’s annual Nominate Your Fire Department Contest, over 700 nominations were submitted.

2019 marks the sixth year of Nationwide’s annual Nominate Your Fire Department Contest. More than 700 submissions were received this year, making the selection process no easy task.

Nominations detailed how each local fire department could benefit their local farm communities by having a rescue tube and the grain entrapment training. Grain bins and the fire departments that have them often travel many miles to assist in rescues, so one grain bin rescue tube can be of benefit to multiple communities.

Congratulations to these 34 Fire Departments from 16 different states:

  • Flemington-Raritan First Aid & Rescue Squad – Flemington, NJ
  • Harrington Volunteer Fire Company – Harrington, DE
  • Landisburg Fire Company - Landisburg, PA
  • New Centerville & Rural Volunteer Fire - Rockwood, PA
  • Dauntless Fire Company – Ebensburg, PA
  • Ontario County Rope Rescue Team – Canadaigua, NY
  • Fancher Hulberton Murray – Albion, NY
  • Carthage Fire Department – Carthage, SD
  • Clear Lake Fire Department – Clear Lake, WI
  • Amery Fire Department – Amery, WI
  • Elsie Area Fire Department – Elsie, MI
  • Greenville Township Emergency Services – Greenville, OH
  • Hartford Fire Department – Croton, OH
  • Wauseon Fire Department – Wauseon, OH
  • Barlow Volunteer Fire Department – Vincent, OH
  • Rowley Fire Department– Rowley, IA
  • Welcome Fire Dept – Welcome, MN
  • Nashville Fire Protection District – Nashville, IL
  • Trumann Fire Department – Trumann, AR
  • Schlater Volunteer Fire Department – Schlater, MS
  • Collins Fire Department – Collins, MS
  • Haywood Volunteer Fire Department – Glasgow, KY
  • Anthony Volunteer Fire Department – Anthony, KS
  • Deer Creek Volunteer Fire Department – Deer Creek, OK
  • Cloud Chief Fire Department – New Cordell, OK
  • City of Goodland Fire Department – Goodland, KS
  • Eolia Community Fire Protection District – Eolia, MO
  • Westran Fire and Rescue – Huntsville, MO
  • Versailles Rural Fire Protection District – Versailles, MO
  • Liberal Rural Fire Department – Liberal, MO
  • Bourbon County Fire District – Uniontown, KS
  • Central Platte Fire Protection District – Platte City, MO
  • Town of Winchester Fire Department – Larsen, WI
  • United Hook and Ladder Company33 – New Oxford, PA

Since 2014, Nominate Your Fire Department Contest has awarded grain rescue tubes and hands-on training to 111 fire departments across 26 states. This contest has provided these fire departments with the equipment and the knowledge to safely rescue people who may become entrapped in grain.

Four past winners have used their new tube and training to save the lives of farm workers. In August of 2017, the Glenville (MN) Fire Department (2015 recipient) and other first responders were able to rescue a farmer engulfed in corn up to his neck. A 2014 contest winner, the Westphalia (KS) Fire Department, used their new skills in 2015 to rescue a man who had become trapped in a flow of soybeans inside a grain bin. In July 2018, a 2015 recipient from Berlin, PA completed a successful rescue using their awarded rescue tube and training. In 2019, the Wauzeca, WI Fire Department utilized their tube/training for a successful rescue in Boscobel, WI.

Grain Bin Safety Week 2019 was supported by The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety, KC Supply, CHS, Corteva Agriscience, Specialty Risk Insurance, KFSA Insurance Agency, Lutz Agency Inc., Grosskreutz Crop Insurance Agency, Delaware Farm Bureau, Donner-Farber & Associates, Inc., Schiff Farms, Sechler Insurance Group, LLC., Staples & Associates, Agri-Business Insurance Services, David Larson Financial and Insurance Services, Inc., Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., The Scoular Company, West Side Salvage, Cornerstone Insurance Services, First Gabrielson Insurance Agency, NOHR Wortmann Engineering, Sump Saver, and Stuber Insurance Agency.