Grain Bin Safety

Learn how to help prevent grain bin accidents, maintain grain quality and prepare your operation for emergency rescue.

Suffocation from grain is the leading cause of grain bin deaths, but oxygen-deficient atmospheres are another serious danger.
Automated monitoring systems can help keep employees safe while managing stored grain.
Educate little ones and future farm workers with the best ways to ensure their safety and success.
From automated grain-bin management systems to mobile apps, technology is helping to reduce deadly grain bin accidents
Bridged grain hazards are present in all grain handling facilities. Use these safety tips to help protect your business and employees.
Preventing grain bin fires starts with maintaining grain quality in storage.
The industry is still experiencing fatalities from individuals being fully engulfed by grain.
It’s important to make sure you are entering and exiting a grain bin safely. Learn about safety procedures and equipment recommendations for safe grain bin entry.
Thanks to a grain rescue tube and training, first responders rescued a man from a grain bin accident.
Enhanced grain quality management can help improve worker safety.
Proper aeration and cooling are key elements for preventing situations that can lead to entrapment, causing serious injury or death.
If you're using older bins, now is the time to retrofit them. If you're considering a new bin, reduce common dangers by implementing the latest safety features.