Grain Bin Safety

Learn how to help prevent grain bin accidents, maintain grain quality and prepare your operation for emergency rescue.

Follow OSHA's grain-handling standards and requirements for entering a grain bin. Develop and implement a written, confined-space entry program
Although most family farms are exempt from OSHA regulations, it's important to follow their standards for confined spaces.
Grain bin anchors serve a key role in preventing grain bin entrapments for grain handlers who must enter a grain storage structure.
Take a proactive approach to grain dryer fire prevention by creating a pre-incident plan for high-capacity, crossflow grain dryers.
Grain engulfment or suffocation can happen in seconds. Create a labor resource plan to help ensure trained professionals are ready when needed.
Safety education and training are critical to help prevent serious injury and death associated with grain handling.
Reduce the risk of injury and loss on farms and in grain-handling facilities during the busy harvest season.
In the sixth year of Nationwide’s annual Nominate Your Fire Department Contest, over 700 nominations were submitted.
It takes only seconds to be engulfed in grain. Learn about suffocation hazards, quality grain management and safe bin-entry procedures.
Prevent catastrophic fires and grain-dust explosions by implementing programs that properly manage risks and exposures.
Farmers and commercial-grain handlers should follow OSHA's Grain Handling Standard, which includes a grain bin entry permit.
Learn how to help workers steer clear of sweep augers and other mechanical devices inside of grain bins.