Protect your business and employees with the Delivery Driver Training program.

Delivery drivers encounter many hazards which can often result in costly auto accidents and even personal injuries. As part of the risk management services we offer our insureds, Nationwide has developed a Delivery Driver Best Practices and Training Program, the foundation of which is based on results of extensive risk assessment surveys, loss analysis investigations, industry risk reviews and valuable feedback from our members.

The Delivery Driver Program is a three-part, interactive training module for Driver Best Practices, Driver Health and Safety and Defensive Driving. The complete program can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and insurance coverage.

1. Delivery Driver Best Practices program

Developed for senior leadership, managers and supervisors, the Best Practices Program provides statistical information related to vehicle accidents and employee injuries. You’ll learn about:

  • Root causes of accidents and corrective actions to take
  • Soft costs, or indirect costs associated with claims not covered by insurance
  • Hiring, recruiting, interviewing and developing key job descriptions
  • Pay structure and compensation methods that encourage driver safety
  • Onboarding and training drivers
  • Development and implementation of safety policies
  • Distracted driving, disciplinary actions and accident investigation
  • Setting expectations and employee accountability

2. Delivery Driver Health and Safety program

The Health and Safety Program was developed for drivers, driver assistants, managers and supervisors. This program focuses on the leading causes of driver injuries and associated workers’ compensation claims. It provides an overview of:

  • Hazards associated with manual material handling, like slips, trips and falls, or being struck by falling objects
  • Accident prevention techniques
  • Real-life work situations and obstacles encountered during deliveries with short clip videos and photos
  • Interactive identification of hazards and appropriate corrective actions

3. Defensive Driving for Delivery Drivers program

Our defensive driving program has been customized to address issues and obstacles often faced by delivery drivers. Our enterprise Risk Management specialists researched and provided data on the leading causes of delivery driver auto accidents experienced by our policyholders. In this overview, you’ll learn more about:

  • Methods and techniques to avoid rear end collisions, backing accidents and hitting stationary objects
  • Preventing lane change and turning accidents
  • Factors contributing to accidents, like distracted driving, fatigue, maneuvering in tight spaces and route planning failure

Although the program does not focus on DOT regulations, it will demonstrate why compliance is important. We’ll share examples of how relatively minor violations and violations not contributing to accidents can ultimately result in much higher claims settlements.

How to schedule training

If you would like to discuss this program or arrange for training, please contact the Risk Management Consultant or Occupational Health and Safety Consultant assigned to your company. Training specific to your company and risk management needs can be provided onsite by one of our Consultants or Specialists.

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