This free loss history analysis tool helps identify how and where loss occurs.

They say that history is the best predictor of the future. That may not be true for everything, but it is for your insurance losses.

That’s why Nationwide offers RiskTracker free of charge to businesses like yours. RiskTracker is a systematic and comprehensive loss history analysis tool to help our customers identify how and where losses occur, so we can work together to develop effective solutions to help reduce or eliminate accidents.

RiskTracker does this by matching a loss to where it took place, a Risk Center. Establishing Risk Centers for your business allows you to track losses by location, operation or any division you choose and us to focus our risk management efforts to where they’re needed most.

The RiskTracker User Guide illustrates what a large account, such as a co-op, may look like under RiskTracker. The first level is always the corporate level, but subsequent levels (or Risk Centers) can be labeled whatever is most appropriate for your business.

Without RiskTracker, if a loss was to occur, regardless of where it took place, it would be only assigned to your corporate office location and you’d miss out on the valuable information this tool provides.

If you’re a current customer, your Account Manager is ready to work with you to set up Risk Centers that best reflect your business and provide the most valuable loss history information. Please contact your Account Manager today or send a request to

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