Grain Bin Safety Videos

Video resources are available that chronicle two real-life bin entrapment incidents and a grain entrapment rescue training session.

Listen to Michele Gran, a mother who lost her teenage son in a grain bin accident, share why she is passionate about grain bin safety and watch Nationwide senior leaders and others share why they support our grain bin safety week initiative.
Check out this grain bin rescue demonstration where FarmHer’s founder, Marji Alaniz, becomes sunk in a simulator and in her own words tells how terrifying it feels to be trapped and at the mercy of her rescuers using a tube that Nationwide awards winners of our Nominate Your Fire Department Contest.
This video shows how Nationwide protects people, businesses, and futures with extraordinary care. Hear from a family member whose father was trapped in a grain bin up to his neck and how he was rescued by the Glenville Fire Department.
Working in or around a grain bin exposes farmers and workers to serious and life-threatening hazards, including entrapment and suffocation from engulfment. This video, funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation, illustrates the connection between grain quality and safety.
Dan Neenan, Director of The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety shares important safety practices to help avoid grain bin injuries. Hear from a grain bin accident survivor.
Dr. Dee Jepsen, Ohio State University associate professor and state agricultural safety leader, presents the importance of agricultural safety best practices and shares her perspective on grain bin safety.
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, visits with Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota. She lost her father to a grain bin accident years ago. Her father was only 49 years old.
The Glenville Fire Department used their awarded grain bin rescue tube to save a man who was trapped in grain. Listen to Fire Chief, Matt Webb, talk about his first-hand experience and see some startling statistics about the dangers of entering grain bins without following safety precautions.
Conrad Fire Department is awarded a grain bin rescue tube and training from the Nominate Your Fire Department contest. Watch the training and hear feedback from the participants.
Watch media coverage of a Heartland Co-op grain bin entrapment and hear from the rescued survivor.
Small Town Big Deal co-hosts interview the survivor of a grain bin accident and a family who lost a loved one in a tragic engulfment.