Fire prevention and safety begins with you

Fire prevention tools and resources

Farm & ranch fire safety checklist
Checklist for farm and ranch owners when developing or updating their farm fire safety plan.

Workplace fire safety checklist
Checklist for commercial agribusinesses when developing or updating their workplace fire safety plan.

Pre-season grain dryer inspection & maintenance checklist
Checklist for performing grain dryer inspections to help reduce the risk of mechanical breakdown and fire.

Promoting grain dryer operation
Review these safety tips to help you and your workers have a safer and more productive grain drying season.

Innovative solutions related to fire prevention

Nationwide is proud to partner with these innovators to deliver new solutions to our customers focused on mitigating risk and enhancing their operations.

PrevTech Innovations

PrevTech’s electrical monitoring system detects electrical faults and anomalies, overheating of electrical panels, and potential machinery breakdowns helping prevent electrical fires and business interruptions.

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Teledyne FLIR

Thermal imaging cameras can help with a variety of preventative maintenance items and identify potential hot spots before they disrupt business or cause a loss such as a fire or mechanical breakdown.


HAYTECH’s wireless temperature probes and digital platform provides early detection for producers to take quick action to reduce hay fires and maintain hay quality.


EnforcerOne’s easy-to-use fire suppression systems and water-based FIREBULL fluorine-free fire extinguishing concentrates and sprays can help owners take quick action if a fire starts whether in the home, on the farm, or in the field.

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