For over a decade, Nationwide, the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) and sponsor partners have been committed to saving lives through our Grain Bin Safety Week initiative. Providing first responders with grain rescue equipment and specialized training is a critical part of the campaign. The stories from Westphalia, KS to Lepanto, AR highlight the significance of grain bin safety and the life-saving impact of this program.

  • Westphalia, KS 2015
    Grain bin rescue tube saves lives
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2014)

  • Berlin, PA 2018
    Person rescued from grain silo
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2015)

  • Goodland, KS 2021
    Nationwide program contributes to successful rescue in Kansas
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2019)

  • Sabina, OH 2023
    Man trapped in grain bin rescued in Ohio
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2016)

  • Jackson County, IN 2024
    Jackson County man trapped in grain bin, saved by firefighters
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2023)

  • Greencastle, PA 2024
    Person rescued from Pennsylvania farm silo with help from Maryland crews
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2018)
  • Glenville, MN 2017
    Man trapped in grain bin rescued using Nationwide rescue tube
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2015)

  • Waukeza, WI 2019
    Be safe in your grain bins
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2018)

  • Dagsboro, DE 2023
    First-responders work to free man buried in sand bin
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2022)

  • Lepanto, AR 2024
    Fire department credits grain bin rescue training for saving two lives
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2023)

  • Braymer, MO 2024
    Grain bin rescue tube saves life
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2017)
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