Learn how Nationwide Agribusiness’ Grain Bin Safety program, Annual Sponsors, and NECAS continue to help save lives

  • Westphalia, KS 2015
    Grain bin rescue tube saves lives
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2014)

  • Berlin, PA 2018
    Person rescued from grain silo
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2015)

  • Goodland, KS 2021
    Nationwide program contributes to successful rescue in Kansas
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2019)

  • Sabina, OH 2023
    Man trapped in grain bin rescued in Ohio
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2016)
  • Glenville, MN 2017
    Man trapped in grain bin rescued using Nationwide rescue tube
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2015)

  • Waukeza, WI 2019
    Be safe in your grain bins
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2018)

  • Dagsboro, DE 2023
    First-responders work to free man buried in sand bin
    (Rescue tube awarded in 2022)
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