Together, we can prevent grain bin accidents.

Grain Bin Safety Week: February 18-24, 2024
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Nominate your fire department: Jan – April, each year

In conjunction with Grain Bin Safety Week (third full week of February), Nationwide partners with agricultural safety and training organizations to award emergency first responders with grain rescue tubes and hands-on rescue training to help save lives.

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Grain Bin Safety Videos

a passion for gbs screenshot

A Passion for Grain Bin Safety

Listen to Michele Gran, a mother who lost her teenage son in a grain bin accident, share why she is passionate about grain bin safety and watch Nationwide senior leaders and others share why they support our grain bin safety week initiative.

experience a grain bin rescue operation screenshot

Experience a Grain Bin Rescue Operation

Check out this grain bin rescue demonstration where FarmHer’s founder, Marji Alaniz, becomes sunk in a simulator and in her own words tells how terrifying it feels to be trapped and at the mercy of her rescuers using a tube that Nationwide awards winners of our Nominate Your Fire Department Contest.

grain bin safety rescue story screenshot

Grain Bin Safety Rescue Story

This video shows how Nationwide protects people, businesses, and futures with extraordinary care. Hear from a family member whose father was trapped in a grain bin up to his neck and how he was rescued by the Glenville Fire Department.

ngfa safety grain quality management screenshot

NGFA Safety & Grain Quality Management

Working in or around a grain bin exposes farmers and workers to serious and life-threatening hazards, including entrapment and suffocation from engulfment. This video, funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation, illustrates the connection between grain quality and safety.

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Growing Safely — Grain Bin Safety

Dan Neenan, Director of The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety shares important safety practices to help avoid grain bin injuries. Hear from a grain bin accident survivor.

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Dr. Dee Jepsen on Ag Safety

Dr. Dee Jepsen, Ohio State University associate professor and state agricultural safety leader, presents the importance of agricultural safety best practices and shares her perspective on grain bin safety.

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Grain bin safety tools

Year-round grain management

A year-round grain management strategy can help minimize grain-related accidents and help improve your bottom line.

Pre-season grain dryer inspection and maintenance checklist

Use this checklist when performing grain dryer inspections to help reduce the risk of mechanical breakdown and fire.

Pre-harvest farming checklist

Before harvest begins, follow these important tips to prepare and avoid the loss of use of harvesting, grain handling or grain drying equipment.

Grain-related hazards

Young farm workers should read and follow all the information contained within, and share it with parents or legal guardians so they are aware of the potential hazards related to the transporting and storing of grain.

Safe way to enter a bin

Entering a grain bin is extremely dangerous. This awareness document can help you gain a better understanding of what can go wrong when entering a grain bin and what it takes to help prevent a tragedy from happening.

Confined space and grain bin entry permit

Before bin entry, it's important for all employers, workers and farmers to follow specific bin-entry precautions outlined in this permit.

Hot work permit and guidelines

To avoid hot work-generated fires, management should implement a hot work program, which requires the issuance of a hot work permit before beginning hot work and observance of hot work preparation and safety guidelines.

Grain storage construction

Follow these design, construction, maintenance and inspection guidelines to help ensure structural integrity and safety.

Steel bin storage annual checklist

Use this checklist to help document and keep track of important bin information, such as owner's manuals, annual inspection reports and maintenance records.

Concrete grain storage annual checklist

Use this checklist to help document and keep track of important bin information, such as owner's manuals, annual inspection reports and maintenance records.

Lockout tagout guidelines

Use this guide to help develop and implement an effective lockout/tagout program and to control hazardous energy.

Emergency action plan for farms

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to help develop an effective emergency action plan for your farm.

Emergency action plan for commercial businesses

Use this manual to assist your facility in developing an emergency action plan in compliance with OSHA's emergency action plan requirements.

Aflatoxin management for commercial businesses

Follow these recommendations to assist your commercial business in developing a quality assurance program to help reduce the chance of buying and selling aflatoxin contaminated grain.

Aflatoxin management for farms

Follow these steps to reduce or minimize the likelihood of aflatoxin development particularly with regards to pre-harvest scouting, testing, and proper drying and storage.