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Grain Bin Safety Week coloring page
girl coloring Grain Bin Safety Week page

Interactive game piece encourages youth engagement

Educating future generations of the potential dangers, characteristics and scenarios associated with grain bin management is an important step to reducing accidents and losses. Our youth initiative focuses on safety awareness at an early age. Instilling safe habits and developing the skills necessary to identify hazards and potential hazards is the first step in building a safer industry for the future.

Get the interactive game piece, which features a ‘color-me’ farm scene and a topical connect-the-dots, maze and word find. The flip side features the ‘Hazard Hunt’, a topical scavenger hunt designed to help identify grain-related hazards that can occur on just about any farm or operation. 

Need help? Here's the answer key.

Stand T.A.L.L.

As younger generations become capable helping hands, it’s important to remind them of potential dangers to themselves and other employees in grain management; fires, engulfment and falls are all very common. The ‘Stand T.A.L.L.’ campaign encourages young workers to speak up and ask questions if they don’t understand a task or are uncomfortable performing it.