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Helping commercial ag and farm businesses monitor and protect their vehicles with telematics solutions.

As today’s farms and commercial agribusinesses grow in size and sophistication, agricultural professionals are using data and technology such as fleet optimization tools and dash cameras to drive profitability, improve safety and enhance their day-to-day operations.

Nationwide has partnered with Razor Tracking to offer advanced telematics and fleet management solutions at a discount for Nationwide’s agribusiness customers across the country.

Razor Tracking’s fleet tracking and management platform is a great option to streamline your operation, increase efficiency, and maximize profits.

Real-time fleet tracking

  • Dash cameras including dual dash cameras & AI enabled
  • Dispatching & routing
  • Job scheduling & historical reports
  • Geofencing & alert notifications
  • Points of interest
  • ELD & IFTA reports

Vehicle health

  • Inspection tools & maintenance monitoring
  • Engine diagnostics & data
  • Vehicle information & mileage tracking
  • JDLink™ integrated

Driver performance

  • Safety scorecard & free training
  • Automated reports & increased productivity
  • Driver location & messaging

“Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of disruption for farm and agribusiness operations,” said Brad Liggett, Nationwide’s President of Agribusiness.  “Nationwide is always looking for answers to the problems facing our agriculture customers and our partnership with Razor Tracking helps us do that, using high-tech yet cost-effective technology to keep our members and their vehicles safe while also improving productivity for their business.” 

With the Razor Tracking technology, operators can use an online portal or mobile app to monitor employee driving and help reduce hazardous behaviors – like high-speed driving, harsh braking and sharp cornering – and generate driver safety scores to coach improved performance and reduce the likelihood of accidents. The devices also send out alerts in the event of an engine failure or overturned vehicle, helping to improve vehicle maintenance and response to accidents. 

As fuel prices spike across the country, customers can even leverage the devices to increase fuel efficiency by tracking vehicle locations, route efficiency, idling time and fuel levels – all in real time. Razor Tracking’s clients have shown a 30% increase in productivity in the first 60 days.

“Partnering with Nationwide solidifies the depth of Razor Tracking’s technology and ability to provide an ideal mixed-fleet solution for your agribusiness operation,” said Eric Mauch, Managing Partner of Razor Tracking. “Delivering a comprehensive platform with the latest telematics devices has been the cornerstone of our business, and we look forward to developing the same relationship with Nationwide’s customers.”

Your Nationwide connection may help you save

To learn how you can incorporate Razor Tracking’s telematics and fleet management solutions into your customer’s operation, visit or call (833) GO RAZOR.

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