Request a free insurance review of your next construction project.

Whether you’re designing a new facility, remodeling or just looking for ways to keep your operation running smoothly, safely and efficiently, you should consult with Nationwide’s Property Engineering Group first. This team of engineering professionals provides free Engineering Risk Review services that may reduce the severity of a loss and/or minimize the impact of an interruption to your business in the event of a loss.

Our expertise includes general building systems (heating, ventilation/air-conditioning, electrical), special systems (manufacturing, material handling, processing), structural construction, fire sprinkler protection and site layout.

What to expect from a engineering risk review

No matter where you are with a project — whether it’s just a concept or schematic diagram, somewhere in the design phase, or full plans and specifications — we listen and learn about your needs and strive to provide suggestions and recommendations that will help reduce your risk.

When a project is the early phases of design, there’s an advantage to using our Engineering Risk Review services. In the early phase, changes are often made at minimal cost, compared to retrofitting or making dramatic changes to completed projects.

Things to consider during an engineering risk review

While scope and nature are different for every project, things we typically consider when conducting an Engineering Risk Review include:

  • Involvement of licensed design professionals
  • Construction materials and methods
  • Site layout
  • Occupancy and property use
  • Special equipment or building systems
  • Hazardous operations or materials
  • Passive and/or active fire protection measures
  • Safety monitoring alarms/devices
  • Value of property at risk
  • Business interruption and/or loss of income potential

Engineering Risk Reviews are intended for risk management purposes only. They are based on the information and documents provided to us. Our review should not be considered an approval of construction, design as to methods, compliance with building codes, or a guarantee of insurability. Nationwide strongly advises that all projects be subject to further review by a certified professional and be completed in compliance with all applicable building codes and statutes. The findings or recommendations we provide are kept strictly confidential and are not shared with others without written consent of the company and all parties.

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