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Dangerous tractor-trailer rollovers have high fatality rates

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tractor-trailer rollovers have a higher fatality rate than other types of crashes. Though they accounted for just 3.3 percent of all large-truck crashes, rollovers were responsible for more than half of the deaths to drivers and their occupants in 2012.

Education may help reduce risk and promote safer operation

“We have the expertise and knowledge to help make a difference,” says Steve Simmons, Agribusiness Risk Management AVP at Nationwide. “By educating drivers and fleet managers of the risks and causes of tractor-trailer rollovers, anti-rollover technology and safe operating procedures, we can help reduce these extremely dangerous and costly accidents.”

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Tractor-trailer rollover prevention is key

Driver error plays a significant role in rollover crashes, as does poor maintenance and unsecured loads. There are many factors to preventing rollover accidents.

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Stability Control Systems can help

The use of electronic stability control (ESC) to prevent rollovers has been saving lives in passenger cars and light trucks for years. It hasn’t been required on commercial vehicles until now. According to the NHTSA, the requirement will save nearly 50 lives and prevent up to 1,759 crashes each year, and provide net economic benefits of more than $300 million annually.

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Rollover statistics and case studies

Take a look at these important statistics:

  • Tractor-trailer rollovers have higher fatality rates than other types of crashes.1
  • 51% of large truck deaths in 2014 occurred when vehicles rolled over.2
  • Most rollovers occur on straight roadways; about 7% of cargo tank rollovers occur on exit ramps.3

Read case studies of actual tractor-trailer rollover accidents:

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