Educate little ones and future farm workers with the best ways to ensure their safety and success.

Keeping you, your employees and operation safe and financially protected is the goal of any reputable insurance company. However, Nationwide knows that all too often it’s not always just your operation and employees that can face risk on your farm. Little ones and potential future-workers all play an important role in your life and your family, so making sure they are safe and informed is a cause we find worthy of the spotlight. For the past five years, Nationwide has championed Grain Bin Safety Week, an annual observance dedicated to increasing the awareness of grain bin safety on farms and commercial grain-handling facilities.

Encouraging education and safe work practices

The goal of our Grain Bin Safety Week event is to educate the agricultural community on safe work practices and procedures to help reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths associated with grain handling and storage. Grain bin safety, however goes further than just simply introducing relevant safety tips to avoid a catastrophic loss or accident. This cause is more about educating all of those who spend significant time near these facilities and equipment that although somewhat benign in appearance, should be given the same type of distance and respect any potentially dangerous activity gets.

Interactive game piece encourages youth engagement

Educating future generations of the potential dangers, characteristics and scenarios associated with grain bin management is an important step to ensuring that senseless accidents and losses are reduced. It’s something that everyone can participate in, no matter of age, role or skill level.

Our youth initiative focuses on starting safety awareness at an early age. We have a fun, interactive game piece featuring a ‘color-me’ farm scene and topical versions of connect-the-dots, a maze and even a word find. Can you help the baby chick find his family? Give it a try!

These Grain Bin Safety Week activities encourage attention to detail and the awareness needed to stay safe when on a farm site. Keywords located in the word-find are a great way to familiarize little ones with knowledge-based terms they can use down the road. Want to check your work? Find the answer key here.

On the flip side, try your hand at the Grain Bin Safety Week ‘Hazard Hunt’, a topical scavenger hunt designed to help identify potential grain-related hazards that can be encountered on just about any farm or operation. Instilling safe habits and developing the skills necessary to identify hazards and potential hazards is the first step in building a safer industry for the future. Join Nationwide as we strive to keep future generations in the know and outside the bin.

These fun activities help remind us that safety in the agricultural industry should be a lifelong pursuit, rather than just a box to check or message to read. As younger generations become capable helping hands, it’s important to reiterate the consequences a short lapse in judgement or accidents can have on one or more employees; fires, engulfment and falls are all too common in the grain management world. This is their chance to learn and absorb information as they prepare to lend a hand in this field. Related to the ‘Stand T.A.L.L.’ campaign, it encourages young workers to speak up and ask questions if they don’t understand a task or are uncomfortable performing it.

These activities serve as reminders that despite new technology, practices and procedures being developed all around them, there is no substitute for communication and vigilance on any work site; they might even save a life. By instilling good baseline habits and practices, our hope is that these tragic losses and accidents can become a thing of the past from 2018 and beyond.

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