Involve youth in the grain bin safety conversation early and often

Get involved and have the conversation, especially with the youngest members of your farm family. That’s a huge part saving lives and preventing injury from grain entrapment. It’s a year-round effort, and now you have new resources to help connect with youth on grain bin safety.

Grain bins are just one of the confined spaces that represent a hazardous environment for anyone working in and around them on the farm. Nationwide is a champion of grain bin safety and saving lives from potential grain entrapment. That’s why we support Grain Bin Safety Week and year-round activities to educate young people on the dangers of working in grain bins.

Teenagers and even younger children are frequently involved in the routine activities around a farm. Youthful curiosity can sometimes contribute to the increased likelihood of grain bin entrapment that could threaten injury or even death.

“Grain bin accidents happen all too frequently and tragically affect so many farm families. Through Grain Bin Safety Week, we want to do everything we can to prevent those accidents,” said Nationwide Agribusiness President Brad Liggett. “A big part of this effort is working with the entire agricultural community to keep young people safe.”

Started by Nationwide in 2014, Grain Bin Safety Week is a national program that raises awareness about the many hazards of working in and around grain bins, both on the farm and at commercial grain handling facilities.

Grain Bin Safety Week is held each year in late February. But the effort is year-round and features educational activities around rural America. This includes events in partnership with the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS). Director Dan Neenan travels to rural communities with tools like a grain entrapment simulator to conduct rescue tube training with local first responders. And other activities focus on connecting the same safety message to young people in those communities and around the country.

“Our partnership with Nationwide on Grain Bin Safety Week has yielded some major progress in raising awareness about the dangers of working in grain bins. But it’s a never-ending effort, and we make it a priority 12 months out of the year,” Neenan said. “Making sure young people know the hazards of working in bins is so important to enabling rural first responders to save lives. At the end of the day, that’s what this is all about.”

Beyond Neenan’s work with the simulator and other resources, other major efforts during Grain Bin Safety Week and related year-round education and training target young people. Given their high risk of entrapment and serious injury or death, youth are a key group to reach with any training or education. That’s why we’ve introduced a set of resources specifically designed for young people including Interactive games highlighting safety awareness (see answers here) and the “Stand T.A.L.L.” campaign that encourages grain bin safety conversations.

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